A Harbinger of the Hudson River Greenway Expansion


New lane markings in Inwood Hill Park. Also note the freshly planted trees on the right.

Yesterday afternoon, towards the end of my (rather wet) ride home, I encountered a pleasant surprise in Inwood Hill Park.  For a few weeks now, I’ve seen parks workers here planting new trees, trimming invasive shrubs, putting up new fences, and generally improving the park.  Yesterday, though, they painted a number of shared cycling/skating/walking markers!  These markers, very similar to the ones encountered on low-volume narrow sections of the Hudson River Greenway, where all Greenway users are expected to share the path, may portend the future expansion of the Greenway into Inwood Hill Park!  As previously mentioned, plans already call for the Greenway to be extended through Inwood Hill Park into the Riverdale section of the Bronx.  With work on the Dyckman Street ramp from the current Northern terminus of the Greenway well underway, perhaps these markings are meant to help cyclists make their way to the Henry Hudson Bridge when the time comes.


Work continues on the Dyckman Street ramp from the current Northern end of the Greenway.


Inwood Hill Park path leading to Amtrak bridge.

I did a quick loop around, and indeed these markings are only present on the path directly from the park entrance to the Amtrak bridge.  Unfortunately, this bridge remains rather rusty and badly in need of some upgrading, including the long-promised bicycle wheel gutters along the sides to aid cyclists making their way across.  Plus, once one gets up and across the tracks, the path to the Henry Hudson Bridge remains unmarked, but hopefully this, too, will be taken care of in due time.

For now, I just hope the new lane markings will encourage groups of pedestrians walking or jogging through the park to keep to the right.  All too often, including this morning, I encounter groups of three or more joggers running 3 abreast and completely blocking the path.  Even so, I expect the new markings will do little to prevent large groups of kids from congregating on the path during a baseball game (a baseball diamond is visible in the background of the fist picture above).  Sigh.  I guess I’ll just have to wait for more Greenway cyclists to venture further North.


2 thoughts on “A Harbinger of the Hudson River Greenway Expansion

  1. I’ve long advocated for allowing cycling in Inwood Hill Park on the main route that goes from Dyckman up the main ridgeline of the hill (Bolton Road) and then onto the HHB or around and down to W218th. But the park has been anti-cycling for a long time — people often blocked your path because no bikes were allowed in the Park and they simply didn’t expect to see them. It will be a difficult thing to change. Hopefully what you are now seeing are cracks in this facade.

    By the way, if you ever want a trail map for the park here it is:

    • Thanks for posting the trail map. It’s woefully out of date, of course, but I love these sort of historical things. I have read as well in some out-dated sites that cycling is not allowed in the park, but these new markings make it clear to all that cycling is now officially encouraged. Anecdotally, I have noticed more cyclists in the park and received more respect from pedestrians since these were painted.

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