Hudson River Greenway Extended to Tip of Manhattan


New wayfinding signs inside Inwood Hill Park point users in the right direction between the Amtrak Bridge and the Henry Hudson Bridge.

Every once in a while the city does something to make me feel like they care about me.  Today is one of those days.  On my morning ride through Inwood Hill Park, I found a crew of about 3 workers putting up signs designating my usual route as an official extension of the NYC Greenway – Manhattan Waterfront.


Official NYC Greenway markings are now present all along the route.

The new signs make navigating the twisting turns inside this portion of the park much easier for newbies.  Countless times I’ve been asked how one gets to the Hudson River Greenway from Riverdale, or how to get to Riverdale from the (former) northern end of the Greenway at Dyckman St.  In the past, I’ve had to give a complicated set of directions.  Now I can simply say, “follow the signs.”


No more wondering which way to go when you get to the bottom of the stairs.

The new signs are spaced pretty close together all along the path inside the park, starting with some crucial signs at the bottom of the stairs crossing the Amtrak rail line.

Going in the other direction, one also finds a set of signs clearly indicating one should head up the stairs to continue on the Greenway.


Signs pointing in the other direction clearly indicate that one should take the stairs to continue on the Greenway.

Now the only thing left would be to add a ramp to the stairs to make carrying a bike easier, but perhaps that is Amtrak’s job, so I’m not sure if that’s something the Parks workers can take care of on their own.

Shortly after the portion of the Greenway by the ball fields in Inwood Hill Park were striped for bikes, I started seeing a lot more bikes, and getting more respect from the pedestrians on the path.  We’ll see if these new signs bring an increase in traffic to the hilly path into Riverdale.


Updated picture of work on the Dyckman St ramp.


Temporary wooden stairs. Watch out! Slippery when wet!

A bit further down, work continues on the ramp from the Greenway down to Dyckman St.  The work looks like it’s coming along nicely.  Though I do wonder why they had to undertake a project to rehabilitate the stairs now, before the ramp is done.  They built some temporary stairs from wooden planks along the side in the meantime, but these planks get rather slippery when it’s raining.  The stairs have been in bad shape for years, so I’m not sure why it couldn’t wait just 1 more year until the awesome new ramp makes those stairs redundant anyhow.


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